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A 2 Pack of Delicious Jam!

Brighten someone’s day with a 2 pack of our delicious jams. Your choice of jams are wrapped in a box with a note that can be personalized!


4 Pack of Jam

Four of our delicious jams: one each loganberry jam, raspberry jam, strawberry rhubarb jam and tequila pepper jelly* shipped directly to you! (included in price). *Want a different jam? Easily done ā€“ just send me a note!


6 Pack of Jam!

Something for everyone!! *One each cranberry raspberry jam, strawberry rhubarb jam, apple bourbon jam, blackberry jam, cherry jam and tequila pepper jelly. (shipping included in price). *Want to select different varieties? No problem ā€“ email Ann to choose your own.


A Case of Jam (12 jars)!

Twelve jars of your favorite jams for the price of eleven! Let me know your choices when I confirm your order. This ships via UPS Ground.


2021 Product List:

Raspberry Jam: the most versatile jam ever! Great on toast or in so many tasty sweet recipes! Raspberries, cane sugar, pectin and organic lemon juice.
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Cherry Jam: Tart cherries make a tasty jam that is excellent on cheesecake, biscuits, stirred into yogurt or served on a brownie with ice cream! Cherries, sugar, pectin, organic lemon juice
update jams 024
Cranberry Raspberry Jam: a super combination for the holidays! Try this on a turkey sandwich or your favorite thumbprint cookie recipe! Sugar, raspberries, cranberries, pectin and organic lemon juice
Blackberry Rhubarb Jam: One of my favorites! Cane sugar, blackberries, rhubarb, pectin and organic lemon juice.
Marionberry Jam: A Northwest Classic! Marionberries, cane sugar, pectin and organic lemon juice

SOLD OUT – Available July 2022

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam: A perfect combination! Tasty on a peanut butter sandwich! Cane sugar, strawberries, rhubarb, pectin and organic lemon juice.
Loganberry Jam: Just yummy! Loganberries, cane sugar, pectin and organic lemon juice SOLD OUT until next August
Blackberry Chipotle Jam: A zesty jam great with goat cheese or on a turkey sandwich. Blackberries, cane sugar, white wine vinegar, pectin and ground chipotle
Blueberry Jam: Luscious blueberries make a tempting jam! Blueberries, cane sugar, pectin and organic lemon juice
Raspberry Blackberry Jam: Something new and a bit tart! Cane sugar, raspberries, blackberry puree, pectin and organic lemon juice.
Pepper Jelly: A sweet and medium hot pepper jelly that is fabulous with crackers and cheese. Cane sugar, cider vinegar, peppers (red peppers and jalapenos), pectin and water.
Sunshine Marmalade: Just like Sunshine! So good on a bagel with cream cheese! Peaches, cane sugar, oranges and pineapple.
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Ginger Rhubarb Jam: I am a fan of rhubarb and ginger so it made sense to put them together! Try this on toast or ice cream – it is amazing! Rhubarb, sugar, ginger, organic lemon juice and zest.
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Marion-Rhubarb Sauce: My favorite sauce to add to my plain yogurt or on top of a waffle or with ice cream or… Rhubarb, sugar, marionberry puree, organic lemon juice, pectin
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Blackberry Brandy Sauce: Years ago I was at a restaurant in Portland, Oregon with my daughter and had their amazing port chops with a yummy blackberry sauce. When I got home I developed this recipe which is so good with pork, but equally good on top of Brie, pancakes and ice cream! Blackberries, sugar, blackberry brandy, pectin and organic lemon juice.
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Apple Bourbon Jam: Yummy Fuji Apples with Woodinville Bourbon – oh my goodness! Heat this up and spoon over ice cream, waffles, hot biscuits, or a pork chop! Apples, sugar, water, bourbon, pectin, organic lemon juice and cinnamon.
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Tequila Pepper Jelly: Our hottest pepper jelly delicious with cheeses, and as a glaze on salmon or a pork roast.