I hope the weather is good where you are. It has been dry enough the past week that I could do some work in the garden, but I haven’t mowed the lawn yet…. Maybe today.

I’ve been busy cooking up lots of jam! I added 3 new shops last month that will be carrying my products! It’s exciting! Click here to find all the places you can find my products. Remember too that I am always happy to deliver directly to you, just send an email.

I’ve also been trying out some new recipes for candy which I hope to have available at the Farmers Markets. This week I made four different types of fudge. It’s not quite traditional fudge, but I think it’s pretty good!

From Top to Bottom:

Dark Chocolate with Almonds and Cranberries

Milk Chocolate with Almonds and Coconut

Extra Dark Chocolate with Cherry Amaretto Jam

Semi-Sweet Mocha Almond

I’m also making Tablet, the Scottish sweet treat.

I hope you are doing well. We are coming out of this pandemic, finally. Optimism and hope for a much better year is on the way!

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