In the Garden

Rosemary, Sage and Candy Tuft

It was a beautiful day today.  Perfect for doing some planting.  Yesterday I finished putting together a trellis for sugar snap peas (my favorite veggie in the garden!) and today I planted starts and sugar snap seed.  Sugar snap peas like to be planted a little thick, so I spaced the starts and then added seeds in-between.  I’m thinking it’s kind of like staggering a planting.  Hopefully the starts will take off and then the plants from seed will be a little later – extending the season a bit. 

I also planted spinach, lettuce and arugula all in the same planter (a few nasturtiums in the middle too!).  I have deer, squirrels and cats that visit, so next was trying to figure out how to keep them all out of the bed!  I had planned to cover the whole bed, trellis and all with row cover fabric, but it acted as a sail and almost blew over the trellis, so I opted for a make-shift fence for now anyway.

sugar snaps
Sugar Snap Peas

I hope you are healthy and were able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine today!  Maybe you have started your garden too.  I’d love to hear about it!

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