Fun with Pepper Jellies

I think I get more questions about our Pepper Jelly and Tequila Pepper Jelly than any of our other products.  You might have had pepper jelly served over cream cheese (delicious!), but what else can you do with it?  I think my Pepper Jelly or Tequila Pepper Jelly should be a staple in any kitchen.  Like ketchup or mustard (which can be made even better when mixed with a little pepper jelly!).

Here are a few ideas:

Heat pepper jelly with a little soy sauce for a tasty dipping sauce for egg rolls or shrimp or chicken strips.

Tuna Salad with Tequila Pepper Jelly

Add Tequila Pepper Jelly to mayonnaise (2 parts mayonnaise/1 part jelly) then add to tuna along with some diced onion and celery.  This would make an excellent Tuna Melt too!

My favorite:  add to a toasted cheese sandwich.  I love Breadfarm White Sandwich Bread, Cheddar Cheese, fresh tomato and Tequila Pepper Jelly.  It is sooo good!


More than one customer has said that peanut butter and Tequila Pepper Jelly is fabulous!

Add pepper jelly to your scrambled eggs, Quiche or to an egg sandwich.

Glaze a chicken breast, ham, pork roast, or steak.

Mix 2-3 Tablespoons of jelly into a cube of softened butter and use as a spread for biscuits and cornbread.

Make cornbread muffins with the Pepper Jelly in the middle.

What’s your favorite way to use Pepper Jelly or Tequila Pepper Jelly?


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