Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day and I’m missing my Dad.  Dad was a mechanical engineer, a voracious reader and a backyard farmer.  He was also a jam-maker – not when I was young, but later on.  When he and Mom moved to Spokane from California he planted many fruit trees and berries at their home.  He made freezer jam.  Lots of it!  And we made jam together a few times.  Most, but not all turned out well.  He had elderberry bushes and one year we tried to make elderberry jelly.  It was horrible!!  I later discovered we had picked the berries to early.

Another time we picked tart cherries at a local farm and brought them home to process.  Dad had this contraption to pit cherries – you put the cherries in a hopper and cranked them through and the pits are separated.  While it worked pretty well, we had cherry juice everywhere!!  On the counters, on the floor, even on the ceiling!!  Although messy, it was a good time!

Wishing a good memory day for dad’s and their children.  Happy Father’s Day!


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