I was out looking at the garden today.  It’s getting time to tidy it up for the winter.  I have a number of raised beds in my front yard – I’ve been replacing the grass a few boxes at a time!  I really hate mowing!

In the past, I have mostly cleaned the beds and covered them with plastic to suppress the weeds, but this year I’m trying a cover crop mix from Territorial Seeds.  Have you tried this?

I do also have a few vegetables still growing:  The top left has spinach, carrots and beets coming up.  To the right are broccoli starts and fava beans.  My friend Jeane (she gardens with me),has been wanting to try fava beans, but they are new to me – any thoughts?).  At the bottom is rosemary.  This was a tiny start last year that I planted in a cinder block.  I did not expect it to get so big!  I like rosemary, but there’s so much, it’s hard to know how to use it.  If you have any great ideas, please send them!


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